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Home > Gatineau: Lac-Leamy Casino employees have just signed a new labor contract
Wednesday, 13 August 2014
Gatineau: Lac-Leamy Casino employees have just signed a new labor contract
After their meeting, Lac-Leamy Casino employees who had been on strike finally signed an agreement for a new labor contract, a significant step that would smoothen their relationship with the boss. Tuesday, 85% of them said yes on the agreement between the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and Loto-Québec, owner of the said casino establishment. Following the negotiations, 350 croupiers working at Lac-Leamy’s Casino (Gatineau) now have a new collective labor agreement. Indeed, their new employment contract is set for seven years. May we remind you that those croupiers (casino dealers) and other employees including cooks, maids ... recently made up their mind to stop their work due to an unfair working schedule established by the casino management board.

Working hours were not consistent with those written in their contract of employment. Worse, many of them have been working for the casino without signing any contract since March 2013, triggering a general strike within the two casino games establishments. Salary and work schedule of temporary employees in the casino were the main focus dealt during the talks between the management board and the union. Indeed, all can be said clear at Lac-Leamy Casino now. And about casino online free bonus, many operators offer it.

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