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Home > casino ordered to end its partnership with Caesars Entertainment
Thursday, 07 November 2013
casino ordered to end its partnership with Caesars Entertainment
The State organization of Colorado, which has for mission to ensure that laws on casino would be applied, has just notified a casino of this State, the Gambling Hall & Saloon in Cripple Creek, to put an end to the partnership between this establishment and Arik Kislin.

The latter is in the line of sight of authorities for being part of a criminal organization. Big Jim, the boss of the casino, whose license is from Caesars Entertainment Corp in Massachusetts, became aware of this piece of news after Brenda Davis’ interview, director of the division of gambling in Colorado.

The FBI also carried out an investigation on this person. According to a report of the Commission of gambling of Colorado, published in October 23rd, the group Caesars Entertainment Corp abandoned a project of casino endowed with rooms of gambling, of slot machines… amounted at $1 billion, in the east of Boston.

However, Caesars Entertainment Corp signed a license agreement, in order to use the name Gansevoort on a renovated hotel on the Strip of Las Vegas.

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