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Home > News archive of november 2013 - CASINO LEADER - BEST ONLINE
Thursday, 07 November 2013 Read the following | Add a comment
Dilemma between two Indian tribes
As every one already knows it, the casino called Potawatomi Bingo Casino in Milwaukee is managed by the Potawatomis tribe. And now that it is question of opening and managing another casino, endowed with rooms of slot machines, in Kenosha, another Indian tribe, the Menominee to be precise, has let known that it wants also to control it.

So, the project of a new gaming institution constitutes a bone of contention between both Indian communities. In fact, the said project of casino could constitute a real threat for the one already existing.

According to the Potawatomi tribe, they will lose more than third of their income, in case the casino in Kenosha would be operational. It’s the same for the city of Milwaukee, which has forecasted a loss of 30% to 40 % of its income in taxes…

This figure is below of that of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which declared a range of 8% to 20% in terms of loss. Now, the ball is between the hands of the Governor Scott Walker, who has to give his opinion on this case within the next coming days.
Thursday, 07 November 2013 Read the following | Add a comment
Isle Casino Cape Girardeau of East of Missouri
The establishment Isle Casino Cape Girardeau, located in the East of Missouri, celebrates its first year of existence. Its managers are satisfied of the results got up to now.

The casino, which employs 425 workers, was operational with good attendance, and the millionth visitor has been rewarded. According to Jill Alexander, director of communication at Isle of Capri Casinos Inc, the company has also made the city benefit from taxes on gambling, on meals inside restaurants and nights in hotels or motels. They are high.

The municipality received $2 million from November 2012 till the end of June of this year. Moreover, $786,242 were paid by the casino to the city since July 1st, according to the figures provided by the service of finances of the city.

Brief, the good health of this casino is beneficial for this town, where 10% of total taxes received are paid by the casino, whose rooms of slot machines are often working at full capacity.
Thursday, 07 November 2013 Read the following | Add a comment
casino ordered to end its partnership with Caesars Entertainment
Casino leader, Cripple Creek: A casino ordered to end its partnership with Caesars Entertainment. The State organization of Colorado, which has for mission to ensure that laws on casino would be applied, has just notified a casino of this State, the Gambling Hall & Saloon in Cripple Creek, to put an end to the partnership between this establishment and Arik Kislin.