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Home > Casino Leader - Reopening of the former ABQ Hard Rock
Thursday, 01 August 2013
Casino Leader - Reopening of the former ABQ Hard Rock
The former casino ABQ Hard Rock, located in Albuquerque, a town of the State of New Mexico, in the United States, has reopened its doors under the name of Isleta Resort & Casino.

The building, decorated by Amerindian works of art, was completely revisited. From now on, it displays a modern structure. Effectively, Isleta casino has a luxurious look just like different establishments of Las Vegas.

However, it reflects also the Indian tradition, which gives it an incomparable touch of elegance. Outside the building thrones the Isleta logo, which has the aspect of an eagle which appears from the sky.

Isleta Resort & Casino is endowed with a gaming room, equipped with 1,800 slot machines. The institution also shelters two restaurants, namely the Bow Tie Bistro and the Embers Steakhouse and Tiwa Café and luxurious rooms.

In short, Isleta Casino & Resort aims to be a center of leisure and entertainment and a destination of privilege gambling.

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